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Next event: 27.-29.02.2024 Deutsche Bank Park Frankfurt

More expert power und appreciation

and more security & revenue for your company

Intensive-live-event with case studies

for and from information security experts




    case studies



    Reasons why you must attend:

    Better Networking

    Best jobs are offered

    within direct live contact.

    More discretion

    Hold confidential converstations behind closed doors.

    Better cyber security

    Gain innovative solutions

    in closed groups. 

    Invest in yourself first: grow first as a person, then professionally and finally financially.

    It is always in that order and there is no shortcut apart from winning lottery.


    Direct contact to

    other delegates

    Simply choose 

    from delegates list.


    Acquired practical knowledge

    with certification.

    Security upgrade

    More efficient security for your company from meetings & sessions.


    Audience award:
    case study, networking,

    pitch, innovation.


    Emotional moments

    to connect - accompanied by 5* culinary delights.


    27.-29.02.2024, Deutsche Bank Park Frankfurt

    04.-06.06.2024, Lake Side Zürich

    19.-21.11.2024, RheinEnergieStadion Köln

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    Marc Plewnia, CEO

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